About Us

Who We Are?

Traders Hut provides end-to-end Stock Market Training & workshops & consulting services to independently make your investment or trading decisions to you path towards financial freedom. Because we believe, "your growth is our business".

Technical analysis Workshops - Learn basic to advanced day trading, swing trading and investing best proven yet simple strategies from Industry Experts

Algo Trading Workshops - Learn overview of trading systems, blue print of trading systems to develop automated trading strategies to earn & monetize

Live (real-time) trading room - Mentorship program with industry experts on trading in Financial Markets with the application of basics to advanced technical analysis concepts with simplified risk & money management techniques

Trade Quest - A webinar every weekend helps you get the overview of Indian & Global markets. It helps you learn the methods of analysis with mentor & identify elite low risk high reward trade setups for the forthcoming week.

Newsletters - In our Educational Newsletters we provide with real-time examples to learn trading & apply the same to make your trading decisions. Also each week you can get one secret of successful trading or investment strategy would be explained on technical analysis, futures & options, hedging and portfolio management

Money Doctor - We help you in developing financial road map or blue print through proven strategies to grow your money by making wise investments or trading decisions through one-to- one consulting via comprehensive planning after understanding your mindset such as goal setting, personal development plan, managing risk etc., to successfully make yourself competent & channelize your wealth in various investment products tailor made to your needs.

Why Traders Hut?

90% of the time traders’ shut because of their inbuilt attributes / behavior such as heard, lack of adaptability, lack of vision or planning, knowledge etc., which are few of them. Once traders’ shut most them blame financial markets are gambling, unpredictable, luck, their advisors etc., unwilling to take responsibility on themselves.

It is said that, financial market is a hub for “toughest way to make easy money” as we are fighting with one of the brightest minds in the world wherein 5-10% of the people take most of the money from the rest with the identification of simple disabilities/weaknesses of crowd.

We need to educate oneself, understand oneself, systemize oneself, plot oneself and with the application march towards roadmap to attain financial freedom.

As we believe, Trading or Investing is a combination of both art and science ….

We at Traders Hut help you in developing skillsets from basics to advanced concepts of technical analysis techniques in real time context tailor made to your needs with one-to-one consulting and support you through Discussion forum, Educational Newsletters, Weekly Trade Quest Webinar and Traders Hut – Online trading room platform.

We thus aim to help you make toughest task of consistent money making easy through our expertise by providing a roadmap towards your financial freedom.

"Investing in Knowledge earns the best interest …."

To unlock the secrets of successful trading and investing & consistently grow your wealth, one need to hone himself/herself by investing in your precious time in knowledge. Thus to gain edge over crowd join the community of Traders Hut – A path towards financial freedom …..


'We aim to empower traders and investors with unparalleled competitive knowledge in financial markets to build consistent wealth and thus march towards their journey to financial freedom'.


  • Educate & train traders, investors and public on building wealth or income in financial markets through application of scientific and systematic approach
  • We assist one to hone their skillsets themselves through workshops on Brain storming – psychology, Goal setting and money & risk management
  • We exclusively intend to develop traders by empowering them with best skills to gain competitive edge over the rest through Traders Hut community