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Traders Hut is an Independent Stock Markets Training Institute in Bangalore, India. We provide training on stock market trading and investing to build consistent wealth in varied asset classes such as Equities, Commodities and Currencies with the application real time techniques from basic building blocks to advanced Elliot Waves technical analysis concepts with focus on Indian and Global financial markets for short, medium and long term investors/traders tailored to their needs.

We provide end to end training on basics to advanced Elliot wave techniques of stock markets; exclusive Day Trading workshops, live (real-time) trading room, mentorship programs,Algo Trading Workshops (Amibroker) etc., to novice traders, working professionals, brokers and individual investors tailored to their needs. We train on goal setting, risk management, money management techniques and assist in developing financial road map to grow your money through wise investments or trading decisions.

Traders Hut is a brain child of Raju Angadi Vishwanath, MS, CMT with an intent to help traders and investors grow their wealth consistently by educating them in the right path towards aspiring goals to financial freedom.


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Day Trader Workshop

Learn Day Trading Strategies , design trading plan, know thyself & achieve success in Day Trading .....

Event On: 2017-07-15


Professional Trading Workshop

Stock Selection - Intra Day, Swing Trading & investing proven time tested Strategies

Event On: 2017-07-22



Day Trader Workshop

This workshop helps you comprehensively learn Day Trading tested strategies, pitfalls, risk & money management strategies, trading in the zone methods, psychological traits of trading & building a blue print of a day trading system.

Published On: 2017-09-09


Pro Trader Workshop

Our Pro Trader Workshop teaches you concepts of both Day & Swing trading with the application of real time technical analysis strategies to have an edge.

Published On: 2017-07-22


Traders Hut Forum

Chart of the Day: Trading Classical Patterns

Trendlines, Patterns & Moving Averages

Debate On: 2017-06-30


What Our Experts Say

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Why Our Investors are Happy - Read Our Testimonials

Puneeth.V.G , Bangalore

It is very useful and insightful session.The technical analysis workshop has helped me improve my trading and/or investing skills.From beginner i have learned lot about stock markets...

Nagaraju.D, Bangalore

It was an excellent instead of English training session on stock market.This training workshop has really helped me to come out of trading.Now I am confident of getting into my trading & investments in capital markets.

Siddeshwara.J, Mysore

This program has helped me gain confidence in my trading as well as investments.As a trainer Mr.Raju Angadi Vishwanath guided me from basic very patiently.

Hajira Fazal, Canada

"Being a beginner, learning with Raju Angadi Vishwanath has been one amazing journey.The simplicity and clarity with which he has taught me methods of technical analysis."

Lakshmi, Mysore

This program has helped me gain confidence in my trading as well as investments.As a trainer Mr.Raju Angadi Vishwanath guided me from basic very patiently.

Sarath Kumar, Bangalore

I sincerely thank Mr.Raju Angadi Vishwanath for his wonderful technical analysis workshop.It was a precise program for people who are willing to trade or invest and attain consistent success; I would recommend taking up this workshop.